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Growth Associates leverages its unique "Sales-as-a-Service" business model to grow revenue results for companies with limited resources, time, and sales execution expertise. Sales-as-a-Service is ideal for start-ups, restarts and new or plateaued company divisions because it enables the client to focus on product development, operations, and marketing messaging while Growth Associates drives revenue activities. Sales as a Service avoids the significant financial investment, time commitment and risk required to ramp an effective, world class sales team.

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Why Sales-as-a-Service?

Sales as a Service aligns marketing content and sales activities, keeping the preferences, needs and decision-making process of the buyer front and center. The objective of Sales as a Service is to ENABLE buyers to solve problems and make decisions based on information that advances the buying process and drives a high ROI for the buyer.

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What is Sales-as-a-Service?

Sales as a Service is a unique differentiator for companies with limited resources and sales expertise to grow revenue through a systematic and focused approach. Sales as a Service delivers accelerated sales and revenue growth in an effective and efficient manner.

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Our Objectives


Sense of urgency

Compensation is based on success. We believe in a fast start based on solid Discovery resulting in a strategically sound executional model for each client.


Systematic Multi-channel lead generation strategy

Scheduling an appointment can take 8+ contact interactions. This strategy focuses on engaging buyers across all channels including web, LinkedIn, email, telemarketing and social media. A multi-channel strategy drives success by consistently reaching out to buyers across channels.


Simultaneous sales pipeline and process building

Growth Associates uses commercially available technology and proven methods to drive sales pipeline growth while it builds out the sales process with a true sense of urgency.


Client-focused design

While Growth Associates has a model and road map for client success, each Sales as a Service element is tailored based on client objectives, products, and company development stage.


Planned Migration and Transition

Growth Associates values long term relationships but believes every successful client engagement has a migration defined by success and a formal transition process. Sales processes and systems are designed to be turned over to the client when the client is ready. The long-term relationship between Growth Associates and the client will likely morph and transition based on client needs. The goal is to constantly optimize revenue generation and long-term client success.

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