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Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Sales as a Service

Sales ​as a Service is a model that gives you piece of mind that revenue is being generate for your company. Whether you are a start-up that does not have a sales department yet or an established company that needs to implement proper sales strategies, processes and efficiencies, Growth Associates Sales as a Service model will help your business grow and generate income.

Many companies sell lead lists or provide lead generation strategies but too many times a company will purchase these services and are unable to execute. The trouble for young companies or companies with poor sales processes is that they are not able to move that lead through the sales process to closing. That is where Growth Associates takes pride in helping your organization.

  • Manage and optimize revenue generation processes and technology

  • Flexible execution/cost model drives revenue and avoids “treading water”

  • Success based on strategic sales and market planning, prospect messaging, execution and closing

  • Understand product and markets early in engagement

  • Ease burden on overworked executives

  • Engagement customized based on client needs

    • From Business Development and Lead Generation all the way through to Closing

  • Designed to transition to internal client team when ready